The Enrollment Process

There is no financial obligation to enter your child's name onto our pending registry. However, please note that all pertinent requested information must be submitted and updated in order to be considered for an interview.

Once on the registry, families may receive information about upcoming events such as tours and the Annual Open House. 

Scheduling an Interview

Beyond Basic Learning: The International School takes a wholistic approach in conducting interviews in order to maintain a balance in the ratio mix of younger and older children. By this, we mean that availability for each classroom age range is what determines which families are scheduled for an interview, not the length of time family is on the registry.

Note: We will attempt to contact you for an interview at least twice, via e-mail and/or telephone. If we receive no response, your name will automatically be removed from our pending registry. If your family is contacted and you are not ready to enroll your child, your name will go back into our pending registry.

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The Interview

The interview is the final step in determining enrollment into the program. The interview is what initiates both the application process as well as the application fee of $100. It is an opportunity for parents to meet with the Executive Director to discuss the child's needs as well as their expectations. Additionally, the Executive Director will provide further insight into the school’s daily routines, activities and program specifics. Interviews are held on Saturday mornings.

Final Steps

Upon acceptance into the program, parents will receive a welcome packet which includes an admissions acceptance letter, enrollment contract, program schedule, and an academic calendar, among other important documents. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted with the applicable deposit by the deadline indicated in the acceptance letter. If the contract and deposit are not received by the deadline indicated, enrollment is automatically forfeited.